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    about 24 hours ago from Spaz — social #fundraising with kiva.org and twitter

    Posted in Collaboration, Updates
    Kiva MicrofundsImage via Wikipedia

    about 24 hours ago.  i asked on #twitter about online social #fundraising — some hours later i was reading a tweet from @zoernert about donating 75$ at Kiva — “anyone who likes to pick a 3rd world entrepreneur to support” was the invitation.

    i decided for Fathullo Juraev, Farakh Mansurov and Ikromidin Boboev from Shahrituz, Tajikistan about 11 hour ago. Thorsten Zoerner started the fundraising for 3 micro loans.

    Some hours later we had three happy farmers in Tajikistan! 1.400 + 675 + 450 = 2.525 USD — all is donated! Great! Only in a few hours :)

    Here are some screens from the start of linking/tracking the 3 sites with bit.ly:


    Disbursal Date:    Mar 13, 2009
    Date Posted:    Mar 16, 2009
    Date Funded:    Mar 17, 2009

    Because all three of them now already have all the money needed I’m going to donate my 75$ to female entrepreneurs in Africa fundraising money for food projects. Thanks #Kiva for that service!

    Thanks Torsten & all of the donators of Kiva.org! Please spread the word (twitter or reblog) about #Kiva and register now for free at kiva.org! Subscribe also to the Kiva.org RSS/Atom Feed. Thanks.

    About Kiva.org

    Kiva is a nonprofit, p2p-lending site that facilitates loans between lenders and extremely low-income entrepreneurs in developing countries. Lenders can find the business and entrepreneur they want to lend to based on region, business type, risk level, etc. Each posted loan is accompanied with bios for the respective entrepreneur, details on the why and what the loan is going to be used for, total amount raised from other lenders, loan duration (usually 6-12 months) and loan default risk.

    Taking small payments, usually $25, from a bunch of Kiva lenders raises the loans. Once a loan’s full amount has been raised it is transferred using PayPal to one of Kiva’s field partners. Field partners are local microfinance institutions (MFIs) in developing countries that find, track and manage entrepreneurs and then disburse and collect the microloans. When loans have been repaid fully they are transferred back to Kiva and then to Kiva lenders via PayPal.

    More about Tajikistan

    Tajikistan is perhaps best known for its rich history, which includes being a key post along the Silk Road and being the location of the end of the rule of Alexander the Great. It is also known for its famous great thinkers, philosophers, scientists and poets, such as Rudaki, Ibn Sina (Avicenna), Firdousi, Omar Haiyam, Jomi, Mavlavi Rumi, and many others. The country, filled with epic mountain passes, is home to communities that still speak the ancient Sogdian language, and boasts a civilization that dates back to the fourth millennium BC. Even today, it is a complex mixture of the Islamic faith, Soviet culture, New West culture and Central Asian traditions.

    But Tajikistan is also the poorest of the former Soviet republics. The civil war, which ignited soon after its independence from the U.S.S.R., further damaged the already weak economy. In addition, 93 percent of the country is mountainous and only 7 percent of the land is arable. These conditions have resulted in high levels of unemployment and have forced hundreds of thousands to seek work in other countries, mainly Russia. While the people of Tajikistan are working to improve its agricultural production and manufacturing sector, nearly two-thirds of the population still live in abject poverty.

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